Rechargeable 3-Speed Auto-Vac Penis Pump

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Discover thick; throbbing erections that last and last with this professional-grade Rechargeable... mehr
Produktinformationen "Rechargeable 3-Speed Auto-Vac Penis Pump"
Discover thick; throbbing erections that last and last with this professional-grade Rechargeable 3-Speed Auto-Vac Penis Pump! Developed as a safe; affordable; non-surgical alternative to expensive medical procedures and pills; this hands-free; auto-powered penis pump is the easy way to instantly enlarge your penis without any negative side effects. Best of all; with no batteries to worry about; you’ll never suffer a midway letdown. Just sit back; relax; and let this rechargeable pump do all the work for you.

With the push of a button; the powerful motor creates a super-strong suction inside the chamber; forcing your erection to quickly expand its length and girth. Simply insert your penis into the tube and press the “+” button to power it on and cycle through three speeds of suction. Decrease the speed or turn it off by pressing the “-” button; and instantly relieve the pressure by pressing the middle quick-release button.

The soft TPR sleeve forms an air-tight seal against the skin; creating incredible suction and amazing results; while the clear vacuum cylinder allows you to see your cock get bigger and fatter by the second! The tube is made from thick; heavy-grade polycarbonate plastic and marked with standard and metric graduations to measure your growth.

To prolong ejaculation; slide the included enhancement ring over your shaft until it’s nice and snug. The tight squeeze will prolong ejaculation; help maintain your erection; and extend the fun.

To charge; remove the cap from the motor and insert the included charger; then plug into any USB port for 2 hours; giving it a run time of 90-minutes.

When you’re done; simply detach the motor from the cylinder and restore it to like-new quality with toy cleaner and warm water.
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